Why Choose NiceNHandy

We’re property agents – Yes, we know

Letting agents, property managers & property maintenance companies don’t always have the best reputations, but read on…

We Are Different And Here’s Why…

We’re real people (just like you) who happen to be property professionals as well as landlords – A subtle but important difference.

As landlords

we have experienced the customer services provided by lettings agents and property maintenance companies alike, and frankly, we felt as though we were paying handsomely for often very poor standards of service.

It seemed to us

that even after paying fees for an agent to find a tenant, we would then have to pay 10% PLUS VAT (average) every month only to find, that when a problem arose, the agent simply dumped it in our lap.

Worse still

we discovered much to our cost, that inspections were not being carried out, maintenance invoices were being marked up by the agent, the quality of maintenance work carried out wasn’t usually checked by the agent, tenants were not pursued for damages or unpaid rent and even deposits were not being bonded!

We Are Different – I know we’ve already said it, but its worth repeating…

We are landlords too and as such, we understand the landlord/tenant relationship from real experience. Because we are landlords – we understand what’s important to you and why.

We Are Different – For all the right reasons…

As well as having 15 years experience in property letting and tenant relationship management, we also have property maintenance capabilities. Real hands-on property maintenance and improvement experience, means that we can accurately assess property repair issues as well as responding quickly and cost effectively to call outs.

Fixed Fees

so you know exactly where you stand in terms of cost

No Contract Tie In

so that you can try our services risk free – if you don’t like what we do, no tie in & no problem

No Renewal Fees

so that there are no nasty surprises for you or your tenants

At NiceNHandy

we adopt the down to earth approach – no stuffiness, no naff suits, flash cars or posh offices – just real people, providing real value for money services with a pragmatic approach.

So If You Want A Lettings & Property Service Provider Who Cares About Your Property As Much As You Do…

Give Us A Call – We’d love to talk to you!