Having your tenant formally checked in can be the best pre-emptive protection you can invest in

It’s no good just handing the keys over on move-in day and hoping for the best.

During our check in process (the day on which the tenant takes possession) we will take the new tenants around the property, going through such things as locks, windows and appliances etc. The meters will be read and agreed in the presence of the new tenants and finally, the tenancy agreement will be signed and countersigned on your behalf.

If you have also elected to use our inventory services, a detailed video capture will be done in the presence of the new tenants, to establish a line in the sand that both parties agree to from day one. The footage will be uploaded and available for the lifetime of the tenancy, and a brief grace period of (say) 14 days will be permitted to allow the tenant to more time to get to know the property better.  This is to allow for the fact that sometimes, things can be overlooked, or, latent defects may not become apparent until the property and its fixtures are actually put into daily use. After this grace period, the Rental Property Video Inventory.

Under these circumstances, all parties concerned are in full knowledge and agreement of the condition of the rental property at the time the tenancy begins.

This also allows us to settle the tenants in and answer any further questions that may have come to mind between them first viewing the property and actually moving in.

In short – formally checking a tenant in makes sure that things are dealt with properly and openly from day one.