At the end of the tenancy, conducting a formal check out is an important part of ensuring a smooth and hassle free deposit resolution.

In addition, meters can be read and loose ends tied up…

During the check out procedure, we will ensure that the utility meters are read and recorded in the presence of the exiting tenants so that final bills etc will not be disputed.

In addition, a forwarding address will be recorded and all sets of keys recovered.

If you have also elected to use our inventory services, we will carry out a terminal inspection 28 days before the tenancy ends to flag up any areas of concern. This is to allow the tenants the opportunity to put right any defects that they are liable to correct.

On the day of check out, we then conduct a detailed walk through with the outgoing tenants, using the Check-In video footage as a guide. We will compare the original footage with the condition of the property on CHeck-Out day, and considering any issues that may have been raised during the terminal inspection, we will discuss the condition of the property with the tenant, identifying any remaining unsatisfactory areas.

Under these circumstances, disputes are easily resolved as all parties agreed the state of the property at the outset. In addition, a formal check out enables discussions with your tenants about the disengagement process