Preparing For The End Of A Tenancy With A Terminal Inspection

The end of a tenancy is often when disputes arise –

Its no good telling a tenant that you are unhappy with the level of cleanliness of a property at repossession if you have not flagged up with the tenant what you expect or given the tenant the opportunity to meet those expectations.

More and more often in tenancy disputes, landlords are expected to be able to demonstrate that they have flagged up issues with tenants and given the tenant sufficient time to address the issues. DPS dispute resolution services and the County Courts, both like to see that pre-action protocols have been observed, and that you as a landlord have acted fairly in making deductions from a tenants deposit.

This is where the Terminal Inspection plays a crucial part – One month before the tenant moves out, you should conduct a full inspection, comparing the condition of the property as it is now, with the original check-in/condition report. This will enable you to highlight and point out to the tenant, any issues with the condition of the property – issues that left unresolved, you intend to make deductions for.

This should be documented and issued to the tenant a month before check-out so that the tenant has ample time to address the issues highlighted during the inspection.

In following this protocol, you may also be minimising the time taken to turn your property around for the next tenancy !